Today’s review deals with the latest WoW Cataclysm and Zygor’s Leveling Guide possibly being the fastest way of leveling…. It all started a few years ago with Joana’s Leveling guide. Joana was the world record holder to 60 and created a guide with his exact path to 60. This was a guide you downloaded and printed off to follow along while you played. It was very useful and definitely had the fastest way to 60, but as the game changed with expansions and updates, so did the guides.

Soon there were copiers and innovators. We saw the addition of in game guides with technology that even helped the pros. Zygor’s guide quickly become popular as having the fastest leveling routes with the latest and best in game technology. Now you don’t have to alt tab to read your guide or print off hundreds of pages, it was an in game guide that followed your progression and pointed you in game with an arrow! Leveling had never been so easy and getting to 70/80 or 85 (Cataclysm) was no problem at all.

There were still those however, that still did not believe in leveling guides and almost would laugh at the people who purchased them. It almost reminds me of when DVDs were first brought out, people bought the new technology, but there are always those who are left behind who mock the initial go getters, only to realize and review their mistakes in the future what they had been missing the whole time.

I must admit however, that there were some very useful free add-ons such as quest helper and others. This made it easier to level as well. The changes in add-ons however have changed the game for good.
Blizzard has added their own leveling helper and also made it ILLEGAL for anyone to sell game add-ons! This pretty much shocked the World of Warcraft’s leveling guide community. However, it was almost a blessing in disguise. The guides had to be reviewed and improved, and then were able to utilize blizzards new system to create a leveling system like no other in the past. Zygor’s guide was reviewed and came out on top again with their new technologies and changed the game in today’s wow.

Basically, blizzard added in a system that tracks your progression of quests. So if you have Zygor’s leveling guide you just load it up and it creates a custom path that relates directly to your history of quests in the game! So no matter where you are or what level you are, the fastest route is calculated for your custom character! The problem before was that you had to keep track and review the quests you had done and sometimes it got confusing. You could run for ten minutes to a mob and only realize when you get there that you forgot to pick up the quest! No more with today’s Zygor’s leveling guide.

Another difference in today’s technology is that it auto adjusts if you level too fast. Before, you could be leveling and find yourself at say level 52 but you are still on steps for level 48, slowing down your leveling time dramatically. No more with today’s World of Warcraft environment.

Zygor’s leveling guide is trying to keep the light on leveling guides and their necessity for leveling speed by also adding in tons of free bonuses such as in game talent spec guides, free updates, nether drake mount guides, inscription leveling guides, auction appraisers and more. Gone are the days of questing whether a leveling guide is worth it. Saving days and weeks of my life and playing time is worth hundreds of dollars to me while the guide only costs a fraction of that. Zygor’s leveling guide is definitely the innovator and should definitely be considered if you want to improve your game and be ready for future updates and expansions.

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