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I like show my new version of Dragon City Hack! This version include the – Adder Pro, Bot and Trainer! – Tested and Working 100% 

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Wonderful small dragons underneath your eye go metamorphosis and will soon become lovely, strong creatures, that you seem to order.
Each dragon needs its very own farm. Therefore, first build the very first and to get the first egg hatchery, which hatch a smaller dragon. Now, be on the lookout and feed that to grown into a grownup. You must be aware that dragons are incredibly voracious creatures, so it will likely be difficult to maintain satisfying their appetites. For that reason, you need to make as many farms as you can to have constant use of fresh products, and feed all the local citizens.

Dragon City Cheat 2015 Features:

Gold Adder

Silver Generator

Add unlimitted number of gems to your balance

One of the objects which we could build, you will find a lot of primarily farm produce many forms of food (each dragon has their very own tastes), decorative physical objects etc.

At greater levels, the dragon will get access to the market where we could sell and swap with other adults individuals.

One of the major tabs on the Build menu (build) is the designated word Ovum (eggs) – you choose the eggs that you intend to buy, and which, when inserted to the hatchery hatch a new resident of the city.



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It's difficult to figure out how the species should be playing Dragon City Hack combines the regarded mechanisms of financial and strategic game during which we build town. We are here and then to cultivate and take care of dragons, and sociable elements. Although the experience is nice and also the graphics are with a good level, it is unlikely to become big hit.


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      • admin April 14, 2014 10:43 am  Reply

        If you have any concerns, you can scan the file for virus scan joti by opening the carton. All of our programs are 100% free of virus

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      Do you already downloaded our hack?

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